! If you are playing the web version, you will need to click inside the game window for the first person controller to work !

Created in 48 hours for the Mix and Game Jam [Theme: Dimension Change]

I chose to take the idea of One Finger Death Punch by Silver Dollar Games, and turn it into a 3D game.

The controls are simple:

  • Left click to use your blue attack
  • Middle click to use your green attack
  • Right click to use your red attack

The color you need to use to defeat enemies is shown as there uppermost (and often largest)  color. If an enemy has more than one color, you must hit them in order of top to bottom.

When you hit an enemy, your combo increases by one, and your current combo is added to your score. Missing an enemy or using the wrong color will result in your combo being reset back to 0.


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2FDS - Windows 22 MB
2FDS - Linux 23 MB
2FDS - Mac 22 MB

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