Made is 72 hours for the 6th ScoreSpace Game Jam, with a theme of "Karma"

Note: Game was updated after the deadline in order to fix known bug #1

Know Bugs:

  1. In the HTML5 version of the game, building hover transparencies would not work due to the way WebGL renders.  (Fixed, but it looks bad. Instead of fading, it just disables the renderer)


  • WASDQE to move the camera
  • Left click (hold) to pick people up


You are a karma dealer, your job is to make sure karmic justice is served. You can pick people up and move them around to influence who they talk to. At the start of a game, everyone's karma is randomly positive or negative and based on that they will do bad things or good things. When two people interact, you will see either a happy or an upset sign above their head, indicating whether the person they engaged was naughty or nice. Be careful though, every so often a person might have a change of heart, whether it's for the better or worse depends, but whichever it is, you'll see a sign above their head indicating it. Using this information, you can identify the good, so that they can do more good for good people and vice versa. You are scored based on your reliability when doing justice. If bad things happen to good people or good things happen to bad people, you will be penalized, but if bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people, you will gain points. You have 120 seconds to get the biggest score possible.


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